“Jesus’ Wife” in the News Again

Gospel_of_Jesus'_WifeMoment Magazine asked my opinion on the newly discovered papyrus which refers to Jesus’ wife:

The Da Vinci Code—which popularized the notion that Jesus was married—is back in the news with the discovery of a fourth century papyrus text written in Coptic that refers to “Jesus’ wife.” But scholars say that the discovery does little to prove the theory, other than show that such speculation is nearly 2,000 years old.

“There is zero evidence that he was married,” says Lawrence Schiffman, a Dead Sea scroll expert who has also studied early Christianity extensively. “This text just shows that some people in the fourth century believed he was married.”

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One Response to “Jesus’ Wife” in the News Again

  • Shiloh says:

    You, as a Jew have a profound duty not to slander or misreprestent a kosher Torah observant jew, specifically from 2000 years ago. To differentiate between the greek lie and the jew is what one should be doing. the real problem is not him, the real problem is what religion has become, and yes, even with judaism. The other real problem is when the real jew is expossed which has been going on for some 40 years or so it does not point to xtianity, nor does it point to normative modern judaism. So is that your real goal, to maintain the status quo, to maintain the cash flow. People have no fear of god, they have no real desire for truth, especially if it goes against the status quo. Thank god that avraham, nor moshe where afraid to go against the status quo. by agreeing with the status quo is hindering the jewish peoples lives, it’s preventing the geulah just as the baal shem tov predicted and whom he predicted was behind it. can you do tshuvah and start to correct history, even if you have to eat crow a bit? or are you going to further delay the enevitable? there are ways we can begin to correct it, but sadly the wicked erev rav are doing what they do best, that’s divide our nation. chaval

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