Does God Need Your Mitzvot?

Interview with Rabbi Manis Friedman on the unchangeable essence of God and whether our actions can affect Him.

Sign of Great Hope

Sign of Great HopePositive steps in Jewish-Catholic relations

The year 2015 came to a close with three important steps in Jewish-Christian relations, two relating specifically to the Jewish people and the Catholic church. Historically, it has been the Catholic church which has led the way in the post-Holocaust era to eradicate anti-Semitism and to make amends for 2,000 years of religious persecution at the hands of Catholics and other Christians. Their efforts in this direction have been both sincere and unremitting so that today relations between the Jewish people and the Vatican are both friendly and regular.

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Rediscovering Ir David

Ir David City of DavidNew Finds Revealed in Ancient City

The exciting results of archaeological excavations of ancient Yerushalayim have been coming to light steadily since the reunification of the city during the 1967 Six Day War. More recently, the area of Ir David, the City of David, to the south of Har Habayis (Temple Mount), has been yielding amazing discoveries.

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