Ashkenazim and Sefardim

How were the two groups of Jews – Ashkenazim and Sefardim – formed? Why are Jews who never visited Spain called Sefardim while Jews with no connection to Germany are called Ashkenazim?

Jewish Texts that Didn’t Make it into the Bible

What happens to our ideas of the present when we shift our perspective on the past?  What do the little-known Jewish texts that didn’t make it into the Bible as we know it today teach us about Jewish life in the pre-Rabbinic period? See the highlights of an interview on The Jewish Channel’s Up Close. (The complete episode is available at TJC on-demand on cable. Complete audio is available on the TJC website.)

Interview begins at approximately 4:50.

New Order in the Neighborhood

Collapse of Iraq has changed Israel’s position on the Middle East chessboard

New Order in the NeighborhoodWhile the ongoing rocket fire from Gaza and the Israeli military operation intending to stop it and to protect the citizens of Israel are apparently moving toward a denouement, it is important to remember that this struggle is part of a wider process of geopolitical change going on in the Middle East. Israelis often say that “we live in a dangerous neighborhood,” but what they perhaps need to add, at least now, is that they live in a neighborhood in which a tremendous amount is changing.

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