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  • Mordechai says:

    Dear Prof. Schiffman,

    I have recently begun to look into the area of archeology and the Torah after having been challenged by atheists. Some of what I have found, or should I say, did not find has left me troubled. I am a person of faith and I believe the Torah is the word of God. But I also seek evidence and truth. In particular, I am somewhat troubled by the relative lack of corroborating evidence for the Jews in Egypt, for the lack an any archeological evidence in the Sinai, especially at Kadesh Barnea where they are said to have encamped for many years, and I’m also troubled by some of the anachronisms in the Torah. I’ve been reading Finkelstein’s book, the Bible Unearthed, and this has damaged my faith. I wish to find evidence that would tend to support the Torah and I am curious if you could offer me any answers? Thank you for your time.

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