Jerusalem and Rome Special Speaker Series

Jerusalem and Rome Special Speaker SeriesThis special two-part speaker series brings together top scholars from different fields to dive deeper into some of the themes of the Jerusalem and Rome: Cultures in Context in the First Century CE, an exhibition from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem now on display at Museum of the Bible. The event focuses on the forces unleashed during and after the Great Jewish Revolt and explores how the revolt influenced early Judaism and Christianity.

In the first session on March 25, Dr. Eric Meyers will describe the events of the Great Revolt from the Jewish perspective. He will present the dramatic events leading up to outbreak of the revolt as well as the controversial figure of Josephus and how his writings on the revolt should be understood. Dr. Mary Boatwright will examine the revolt from the Roman perspective and situate the events of the revolt within the wider first-century Roman political context. She will discuss Roman concerns and reactions to a province expressing defiance to the Roman empire.

In the second session on April 4, Dr. Lawrence Schi­ffman will narrate the dramatic rebirth of classical Judaism and the beginning of rabbinic Judaism out of the ashes of the Temple. He will describe the rise of the canon of the Hebrew Bible as it emerged from a diverse and sectarian setting in the first century. Dr. Steven Notley will discuss the parting of the ways between Judaism and Christianity. He will explore how and why many Christians departed after 70 C.E. and why some remained in the Holy Land. There will be opportunities for guests to meet the speakers before and after the program. A book signing will also be held after the event.

You can buy tickets for the event by clicking here.

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