Living the Dead Sea Scrolls

Living the Dead Sea ScrollsThis interview with Eve Harow covers such diverse topics as the Essenes, calendar controversies, the history and future of Scrolls scholarship, Jewish-Christian relations and the historic Jesus.

Here’s the blurb:

Professor Lawrence Schiffman is one of the world’s experts  on the most important archaeological discovery of the 20th Century, the Dead Sea Scrolls. He spoke  with Eve last week in Birmingham in the United Kingdom at the annual Limmud UK conference where he had standing room only audiences in his fascinating lectures. Listen in to their lively conversation on Pharisees and Sadducces, Essenes, the Talmud, Christianity, anti-Semitism, modern contacts between Jews and Catholics and so much more. A brilliant man with tremendous knowledge  and experience  on many and varied topics.

Listen to it on The Land of Israel Network.

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