Raphael Golb’s Plagiarism Harassment

Lawrence Schiffman Plagiarism Case


Despite the attempts of Raphael Golb and his cohorts to paint me as a plagiarist, the NY Appellate Court has upheld his conviction. He was originally convicted of of identity theft in the second degree (2 counts), criminal impersonation in the second degree (14 counts), forgery in the third degree (10 counts), aggravated harassment in the second degree (3 counts), and unauthorized use of a computer. One of the 30 felony counts was thrown out but 29 were upheld.

Raphael Golb harassed a number of scholars on and offline, including myself, and eventually escalated this harassment to include impersonation of me in numerous emails. His false claims can still be found on blogs and webpages on Google, and in anticipation of the appeal, new articles have popped up online from supposedly respected publications, repeating the old accusations of plagiarism.

My colleagues and students and anyone in the know don’t give any credence to these claims and it is surprising that anyone would. A convicted felon is not usually the most reliable source of information. Now that Golb’s conviction has been upheld, it is to be hoped that the so-called “Lawrence Schiffman plagiarism case” will be put to bed.


Information on the appeal can be found at Robert Cargill’s blog, KV8R. The brief from the original court case can be read at The People against Raphael Golb.

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