Concerns of Rising anti-Semitism

Concerns of Rising anti-SemitismWhile we are all focused on the horrendous tragedy that took place in Pittsburgh at the Tree of Life Synagogue and on the anti-Semitic motivations of the murderer, there is an amazing side to this sad event that needs to be pointed out. The support that the Jewish community has received from virtually the entire American population, its government and institutional structures, and even its sports teams, says a lot about the character of the country in which we live. This is true despite some of the terrible rhetoric being used in the discussion of immigration, both legal and illegal. The reality is that support for anti-Semitic violence no doubt lurks in some corners of the dark Internet and in some white supremacist cells, but the neighbors with whom we live truly support and want to protect the Jewish people. All over America memorial services and solidarity programs are being held, in synagogues with non-Jews in attendance, in churches, in government, and in schools. The simple fact is that this Jewish tragedy has touched the entire nation.

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