Jerusalem Paypyrus “Proves” Jewish Connection to Temple Mount

Papyrus Proves Jewish Connection to Temple MountBut is it a Forgery?

There was much excitement a few weeks ago when a report that an ancient Hebrew Papyrus mentioning Yerushalayim, dating to the 7th century BCE and certainly proving the Jewish presence there, had been recovered. Papyrus, a writing material made of reeds crisscrossed and pressed together, was commonly used in the ancient Near East for all kinds of documents and appears to have been used in ancient Israel as well.

The document, only an inch high and a bit more than four inches wide, preserved a short Hebrew text, a record of the delivery of wine: “From the female servant of the king, from Naharata [a place near Jericho], two wineskins to Jerusalem.” The papyrus was reportedly confiscated by Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) investigators from Bedouin who had plundered it from a cave in the Judean Desert some years earlier.

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