New Order in the Neighborhood

Collapse of Iraq has changed Israel’s position on the Middle East chessboard

New Order in the NeighborhoodWhile the ongoing rocket fire from Gaza and the Israeli military operation intending to stop it and to protect the citizens of Israel are apparently moving toward a denouement, it is important to remember that this struggle is part of a wider process of geopolitical change going on in the Middle East. Israelis often say that “we live in a dangerous neighborhood,” but what they perhaps need to add, at least now, is that they live in a neighborhood in which a tremendous amount is changing.

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  • If we take a moment and sit back to reflect on the world around us, we will come to the realization that some of us (specifically in the Western World) have been taking for granted, the limited first hand exposure to terrorism and warfare. Of course, there have been tragic events on our soil and we do have brave soldiers that risk their lives to do this fighting for us but it is rarely in our backyard. The battle is typically taken overseas. I cannot imagine waking up every morning to gunfire and explosions. I also cannot imagine waking up every morning knowing that my immediate neighbors (i.e. nations) could declare war on us at any moment. Anyway, an excellent article. Thank you for sharing.

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